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ORSON is a consulting company specialized in ethical best practice recruitment, HR consulting and technology transfer. Our focus is on creating new business for our clients in R&D with a sustainable workforce and continuity in their sales and development processes.
Boutique in size, yet thriving with intelligence, technology know how and work ethic, ORSON has changed the life of many engineers. Furthermore we implement change management in HR & sales processes, and successfully help companies expand and save their projects by introducing strategic sales bench solutions.


Recruitment, HR and technology consulting solutions along the product lifecycle

  • Strategic Recruitment

    • Success Based Recruiting
    • Professional Services
    • Outsourcing

    Strategic Recruitment

  • HR Practices

    • HR Consulting
    • Employer Branding
    • Talent Management
    • Offboarding

    HR Practices

  • Technology Management

    • Technology Scouting
    • Partnering
    • Mergers & Aquisitions

    Technology Management

  • Extendend Sales Bench

    • Project sales for engineering companies
    • Project staffing support

    Extendend Sales Bench


Your technical competencies, your personal abilities, your individual preferences and not forgetting your financial expectations make you a unique and special person. We want to get to know you, and understand how you tick. Only then are we in the position to offer you the correct job with the future perspectives that you know and deserve.

Regardless as to whether you have an engineering degree, masters or even promotion or whether you have done an apprenticeship as a technician, ORSON has a lot to offer you whether it be a management or engineering positions in the areas of design and construction, electrics / electronics, test, simulation as well as documentation-, project-, process- or quality management.


why Orson


"I was very impressed and thankful to ORSON the way the process was carried out. The consulting from the recruitment level supported by the timely support and coaching through sales for my interview and wage negotiation really helped me to get the job. The extra shot of energy which I gained through our first personal meeting did not just help motivate me, it was really fun as well. The in depth information and quality of the documentation was convincing and the successful results are a transparent and clear outcome of this."

Mr. V - Senior Embedded Software Developer - Measurement Technologies

* * *

"I was contacted via an acquaintance about a job opportunity with a leading automotive supplier in the Stuttgart area. Despite the fact that I lived in Romania, the interview process went really smooth due to the interview preperation done for each interview session I have carried out previous interviews with other consultancies and I never saw such a method that had helped me to present my qualities and assets in such a methodical way, that would be really beneficial to the potential employer. Then I got the job! Thanks ORSON for your professional approach and very effective support, in all phases."

Mr G - ECU Developer (Motor Applications)

* * *

"I believe I had a real life changing lunch with you in Stuttgart and it was the day my professional career in Germany was written. With all efforts of ORSON Consulting I got the job offer."

Mr. F - Senior System Test Manager

* * *

"Time flies by so quickly, it is already a year since I started this job and I really enjoy it here. You had the right nose for the idea to introduce me here and really looked after me and consulted me well through the interview process and I want to thank you again that you bought about the right changes for my life."

Mr. H - ASIC RF Designer